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The transportation industry is a fast paced, dog eat dog industry. At Coastal Carriers Truck Lines, we recognize that drivers are the single most valuable member of our team and we are committed to providing those members of our team the best possible driver experience in the industry.

Home time, Pay, Equipment, Benefits, Conveniences….. Learn more about what makes us different, and how you can become a member of our team!

Our Driving Force…

Service is the driving force behind every decision we make. For more than two decades Coastal Carriers has been providing premier transportation service to the food industry. However, our range of services are not limited to basic pick-up and deliver scenarios. We offer services covering nearly every sector of the North American consumer market. Our expertise and expansive resources are available to help streamline your transportation network.


Our industry has much more technology available to it now, than it did a decade ago. We have invested in proven technologies that add value and convenience to our customers. From Remote temperature control to green technologies, we have the resources to insure your shipments are safely delivered on time, with minimal impact on the environment.


Our industry is always changing and those changes may impact how we are able to conduct business. In order to makes changes to our operation without causing disruptions we have to keep the lines of communication open. Click “READ MORE” to view recent changes and their impact; or to learn more about special events that Coastal may be participating in.


Coastal Carriers is committed to improving the safety of our public roads and highways, by exceeding the minimum standards set forth by the FMCSA. From the President down to the part time dock worker, we have made safety a priority and we have the record to prove it. Being good stewards of our work environment just makes sense to us.


If your fleet is located in the Troy, MO area or if you are just passing through our shop can help keep your equipment on the road and making money.
Our full service repair facility can perform oil changes and tire repairs as wells as complete engine rebuilds. Stop in and see what our shop can do for your fleet!


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