Coastal Cares

Coastal Cares

Who Are We! 

The Coastal Cares Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) organization, meaning contributions made to the foundation are tax deductible. The idea for a foundation came from employees of Coastal Carriers, LLC. The group saw caring employees constantly contributing and wanting to help others in need during difficult times. During these times, people want to help, but don’t always know how, or are unable to give as much as they would like due to their own circumstances. That is where The Coastal Cares Foundation can act, and employees can take pride in knowing that they were a part of the giving.

What We Do!

The Coastal Cares Foundation located in Troy, Missouri, will distribute funds raised to groups and individuals in need. Needs can consist of medical bills, unexpected financial setbacks, or helping with a natural disaster recovery for example. The Care Team members, made up of the board of directors, are employees of Coastal Carriers, LLC. who volunteers their time.

About Our Mission!

Our mission is to show affection to the communities we serve, by providing financial assistance to those in need. The Coastal Cares Foundation is 100% funded by Coastal Carriers, LLC. employees. Our goal is to give assistance to individuals and organizations who have a need. We want to provide community involvement, compassion towards the needy, and dedication to following out the Foundation’s mission; to show affection to those in the communities we serve.

How It Works!

Individuals or organizations can apply for assistance by completing an application. The application can be submitted by those needing the assistance or can be completed by individuals nominating someone who is in need. Applications are then reviewed by our Care Team for an approval process which may require additional information from the requesting party.

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